Top 10 Planks Collector of Month No.3 (Final & Updated)

by Datum Jelatek, 18/01/2019

A few days ago, we’ve been announcing and publishing the 3rd Month Top 10 Plank Collectors list. However, we have been alerted by one of our loyal player and supporter there might be a mistake in our list. As such, an investigation was launched immediately. We have also gotten screenshots (taken before the reset) from our players as proof.

All evidence pointed to a final truth: there was an error during the extraction of the name list. Therefore, we have taken down the original list and would like to sincerely apologise for causing unnecessary confusion due to this hiccup.

Many apologies to the 3 rightful top collectors who were left out from the first list and many more apologies to the 3 players who were falsely alerted that they made the cut. SORRY!

And finally, here is the final and updated list of TOP 10 Planks Collector of Month No. 3 (6th December 2018 – 5th January 2019)

CONGRATULATIONS to those who made the cut. You’re now in the running for the Grand Prize Lucky Draw.

And all the best to the top collectors.