Top 10 Planks Collector of Month No.2

by Datum Jelatek, 14/12/2018

The month of November 2018 saw more amazing participations from the present, to the new players or contributors. We would like to thank you once more for your continuous and tremendous support towards our game.

For your information, one of last month’s top collector was also in the 2nd month’s Top 10. And as you know, you will only be entered into the Grand Prize Lucky Draw once. Therefore, we have excluded any repeating names from the 2nd month’s Top 10 list. Still, we would like to thank the repeating player for your continuous effort to help the Orang Asli community!

Without further ado, here’s the TOP 10 Planks Collector of Month No. 2 (6th November 2018 – 5th December 2018)

Didn’t made it on the 2nd month? Do keep in mind that the 3rd month will be the final month of the contest. So, continue to work those fingers harder than before and tap away like crazy.

Just in case if you forgotten again, you can collect unlimited wooden planks during the weekends, starting from 8am on Fridays till 8am on Sundays! Good Luck!

And finally, CONGRATULATIONS to those who made the cut. You’re now in the running for the Grand Prize Lucky Draw. Kindly PM us on Facebook to provide us your details!