The Propenomy Show

by Datum Jelatek, 07/12/2018

BY Ahzam Nadzri

In case you didn’t know, we have recently launched a TV show named “The Propenomy Show” in collaboration with Channel W (Unifi TV channel 634).

Hosted by renowned host and actor, Adi Afendi, and co-hosted by CEO of REI Group of Companies, and renowned Propenomist, Dr Daniele Gambero, The Propenomy Show aims to enlighten the public about what is exactly the definition of Propenomy, as well as providing insights about the current status of our economy, and how they share a symbiosis with the property/real estate market.

Spanning 8 episodes, key and prominent figures from all aspects of the economy such as tax consultation, vacation rentals, and major township developers were invited to talk about their profession, as well as providing their own opinion on the current property market, and to an extent, the current economy as well.


Episode 1: In the Propenomy Landscape

Tune in to the 1st episode where Dr Daniele Gambero, CEO and co-founder of REI Group of Companies, and renowned Propenomist, talks about how he coined the term “Propenomy”, and how he views the current property market in Malaysia through the Propenomy lens, especially in light of the current 14th General Election and the tabulation of Bajet 2019.


Episode 2: Map analysis in decision making process

Join Adi and Dr Gambero, and also Ishmael Ho, CEO of Ho Chin Soon Research, where they talked about how analysing a map, specifically tracking the history of a particular area, and identifying its current available amenities, can help the public in making their decision to purchase a sustainable home.


Episode 3: Mega-project cancellation: How it affects market perception

Episode 3 of The Propenomy Show sees Adi and Dr Gambero, and Charles Tan, founder of the famous property blog,, talked about the multiple cancellation and deferment multiple mega-projects such as the High Speed Railway (HSR) and the East Coast Railway Link (ECRL), and posed the question, “Must the future mega-projects be the sole factor that affects your property purchasing process?”


Episode 4: Tax and Property Investment

Join Adi and Dr Gambero, and Agnes Wong, Managing Partner of Syarikat Ong and renowned property tax queen in the 4th episode, where they talked about the importance of managing tax when investing in property, and how the recent tabulation of the 2019 national will help home buyers, especially first timers, in purchasing their homes.


Episode 5: Now online: The legal real estate

Tune in to the 5th episode of The Propenomy Show, where Adi, Dr Gambero, and founder of digital legal service in property transactions company, LePro System Berhad, talk about how the advancement of technology, and how digital platforms like Blockchain are helping the property legal service companies to grow and assist the public further in providing faster and better service in terms of sharing information with full transparency.


Episode 6: Through the Airbnb Lens

The rise of vacation/home rental business is one of the current ‘buzz’ in Malaysia.

Join Adi, Dr Gambero, and Living Space CEO, Ikhram Merican, where they talked about the ins and outs of the vacation rental business, and how you can make your home be one of the top listed vacation rentals in the Airbnb platform by following his five ways.

What are the five ways, you ask? Tune in and find out.


Episode 7: Township or single phased projects

Managing any kind of property projects, especially single phased or township projects, can be quite the challenge.

Let Adi, Dr Gambero, together with KK Wong, CEO of UMLand Sri Austin, guide you briefly on how to manage these two to ensure a harmonious and safe living community, in the 7th episode of The Propenomy Show.


Episode 8: Wrapping up

“The journey ends where the journey begins.” – Anonymous

Join Adi and Dr Gambero one last time in the 8th and final episode of The Propenomy Show as they recap what has been discussed by them, along with all the invited guests, as well as some last minute Propenomy tips by Dr Gambero.


You can also watch all 8 episodes of The Propenomy Show in Channel W’s Youtube channel.

Want to know more about Propenomy? Subscribe to REi Group’s Youtube Channel and tune in to the PropTalk series hosted by Dr Gambero himself.

Visit the Datum Jelatek website to find out more about the project, and also its one of a kind corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative to help the Orang Asli community.