Datum Tap Important Updates

by Datum Jelatek, 12/11/2018

Hey there, fellow tappers!

We are making a number of huge changes to our game.

Grand Prize

First off, we will be changing the selection mechanic for the Grand Prize (a 6 days 5 nights trip to Osaka, Japan). Instead of holding a live challenge for the Top 10 wooden planks collector to battle it out for the grand prize, we will be changing this to a lucky pick instead.

The leaderboard will now be reset each month on the 6th. So on 5th of every month, the players who made it onto the leaderboard as one of the Top 10 will automatically be in the running for the Grand Prize Lucky Draw.

Every player will only be allowed ONE entry into the Grand Prize Lucky Draw. If you’re already one of the Top 10 in Month #1, being in the Top 10 of Month #2 will not increase your chances of winning. If the Top 1-3 is a repeating name, we will pick the Top 4-13. Everyone has a fair chance to win the trip to Japan!

Weekly Prize

As you would’ve already seen in our social media, every week on Sunday, we will be picking a weekly winner through Facebook. As a reminder for you, remember to login and play every week from Sunday 8am till the following Saturday 8am and make sure to collect at least 5,000 wooden planks during the week in order to win a Huawei P20 Pro.

One very important step to remember is to register your details in the app. Without this, our system will not be able to register you as a contestant for our contests. Make sure you like our Facebook Page too!

Unlimited Planks on Weekends!

To make it more challenging, we will be releasing the daily limit of 2,000 planks per day on every Friday (8am) till Sunday (8am) during campaign period. Collect wooden planks to your hearts’ content.

All changes are effective starting on Sunday, 4 Nov 2018 and onwards until the end of the campaign.

Enjoy and continue to work those fingers! Happy tapping and good luck!


Frequently-asked questions (FAQ)

Q: If my name is listed on the leaderboard again even though I was in the top 10 the previous month, what does that mean?

A: It means that you are already among the players eligible for the final lucky pick in January 2019. It also means that we will pick the names under you. For example, if your name is the 3rd on the leaderboard, then we will pick the 1st, 2nd, 4th-11th names under in order to give newcomers /new players a chance to win as well.

Q: May I know how long this campaign is going to run?

A: Good question. Here’s our updated weekly schedule for the whole campaign. The highlighted black ones are the already ended weeks.